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Gold Coast Hospitality was founded and developed by Christian Valencia who brings over twenty-five years experience owning, operating and consulting for hundreds of restaurant, rooftops, bars and clubs in the New York City, New Jersey and the Tri-State area.

Mr. Valencia was born and raised in New York City and has always been fascinated with the culinary diversity and energy the city has to offer. The son of two hard working Colombian born immigrants, he understood from an early age the importance of discipline, consistency and laser focus in order to reach and execute his goals. It's that same energy and tenacity that he brings to every project he takes on, allowing him to experience a high level of success in his field by turning around struggling restaurants and bars in our area. 

Mr. Valencia credits his roots in the city and it's everchanging landscape that allows him to keep his finger on the pulse of the hospitality industry in the region.

"When you can empathize with the genuine needs of those around you, is when you can truly deliver a product that can easily be executed" is what is what Mr. Valencia always says and one of his simple rules to his success. 

Owning and operating his own successful restaurants and a rooftop venue in New York City, he understands first hand the back end operations and what it takes to structure and operationalize these complex businesses.

Over his twenty-five years in the industry he has generated millions for his clients and he is always looking for his next, newest project.

Looking to work with Gold Coast Hospitality and Mr. Valencia, fill out the form below and let's set up a meet and greet! 

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