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Hospitality Consulting

It's never easy opening a new restaurant bar or lounge, especially in a competitive market like the New Jersey, New York and tri-state area.

Part of our consulting program at Gold Coast Hospitality is looking at your location and ensuring it ultimately compliments your concept and vision.

We then dive into your overall space design, layout, menu, operational costs, staffing, service, and  training to confirm you have the right mix to create a winning combination for your business.

We look into your partnership structure, as well as your vendor relationships and logistics to ensure the operation is running as efficiently as possible.

We will provide you with the information, training and tools needed to set you up for success. No matter the stage of your project, we will guide and work with you to fulfill and meet your goals. Allow us to be your partner in this challenging yet, rewarding industry and journey. Fill out the form below and let's chat!

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