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Menu Design & Development

The Menu is one of the most crucial components to your restaurant. It is the basis for which the concept derives in order to get patrons inside the door.  Gold Coast Hospitality works with some of the area's top chef's and together we will design your menu according to your concept and kitchen capabilities. 

We will confirm the right equipment and plating is available for the proposed menu concept in addition to ensuring that the flow of service is feasible to execute the potential menu items. 

The menu flavors and presentation is how you will ultimately be perceived by your customers and one of the determining factors on whether or not the business is profitable.

How many times have you gone into a restaurant and are confused by the concept of the venue and what it represents, or just perplexed by menu descriptions themselves?

Before taking that first bite, food patrons envision their food items through the descriptions provided in a menu, so ensuring your items sound appetizing is a crucial step in presenting and describing your dishes. 

Our culinary team will not only develop and design a menu according to your concept and venue capabilities, but we will ensure it stays within industry standard food costs to ensure profitability so you can see long term financial gains. 

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