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Gold Coast Hospitality brings over twenty-five years experience in providing consulting, marketing, management and staffing services to the restaurant, bar and lounge industry in the New York City, New Jersey and Tri-State area. Now focusing our services in the New Jersey Gold Coast area we offer a trusted name in hospitality service, specializing in turning around struggling restaurants and bars while assisting owners achieving their desired goals.   

Our Services

Our Services

Gold Coast Hospitality offers a wide range of services geared towards the restaurant, bar and lounge sectors in the North New Jersey, New York and Tri-State area. Our services include consulting, marketing, managing, along with staffing services, and developing tailored business solutions assisting our clients reach their desired business goals in an efficient structured timeline. 


It's never easy opening a new restaurant bar or lounge, especially in a competitive market like the New Jersey...


Gold Coast Hospitality's background in digital media marketing is an extensive one, with over twenty-five years creating...


Gold Coast Hospitality believes the primary goal in hospitality management is all about ensuring the customer has a great experience...

Staffing Services

With over two decades in the restaurant, bar, rooftop and lounge industry we've cultivated numerous business relationships...

Venue/ Space Design

Gold Coast Hospitality has partnered up with the area's top restaurant, bar, rooftop, and lounge designers and contractors who assist...

Menu Design & Development

The Menu is one of the most crucial components to your restaurant. It is the basis for which the concept derives in order...

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Want to work with us?

We are always seeking out fun, energetic individuals who are interested in working in the hospitality industry. Students, part-timers, and even those with years of experience searching for a full-time position are welcome to apply

Ready to find out more about us?

Gold Coast Hospitality was founded and developed by Christian Valencia who brings over twenty-five years experience owning, operating and consulting for hundreds of restaurant, bars and clubs in the New York City, New Jersey and the Tri-State area. 

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